Spirituality • Energy • Mindset

Did you know your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality?  That everything you experience in your life is really a reflection of the energetic patterns you have running through you and your mindset – the way you think and see the world?

Hi! My name is Mindy West.  I am a spirituality, energy and mindset coach.  I guide people to create alignment with their purpose, shift energetic patterns, and up-level their mindset so they can manifest their true desires.

I believe that everything is connected, and when we get in touch with what we are really meant to do, our soul’s purpose, the Universe aligns to make everything flow better.  Money, love, life, everything.

I have spent the last few years going through a huge transition in my life.  I went from being a successful marketing consultant in Seattle, through a spiritual awakening, to working with plant medicines in the Amazon jungle, and back again to pull it all together.  Though this I’ve experienced how everything is interconnected, and even making one shift in our internal energetic patterns (and therefore mindset), everything in our life can change.

I stand for freedom, unlimited possibilities, fulfilling your dreams, aligning with your purpose, and abundance in all areas of life (yes, that means money too).  I truly believe there is no lack or limitations, except the ones we put on ourselves.

Do you feel…

  • Longing for more fulfillment in your business and life?
  • Like you are trying so hard, but you really want it to be easy?
  • You are successful in so many areas of your life, but something is missing?
  • Things need to flow more in your life?
  • You have a purpose to fulfill, but aren’t sure exactly what it is
  • Or you know what your purpose is, but you’re not living it

If you feel any of these things, it is because you are out of alignment with your soul’s purpose, and there are energetic patterns blocking you from fulfilling what you are here to do.  The good new is, we can discover exactly what it is you are here to do, shift your energetic patterns so your goals and desires become a reality, and create strategies for real world success in your life!

You really can have it all.  Success.  Happiness and fulfillment.  Prosperity and ease.  Balance.

How do I do this?

  • Life Purpose Readings – release energetic blocks and discover your life purpose, in detail.  Understand what you are here to do, and how to move forward
  • Energy Healing – discover the underlying energetic panthers that are keeping you stuck and release them
  • Spiritual/Energetic/Mindset Coaching – up level your life by aligning with your soul’s purpose, let go of limiting energetic patterns, and manifest your dream life.  Work together consistently to uncover energetic patterns and learn to bring in what you truly desire

The benefits of working with me:

  • Discover your life purpose
  • Create more success in your business and life
  • Feel energetically lighter
  • Feel a deeper level of happiness
  • Embody your truth and know your next steps
  • Shift difficult relationships to be more positive
  • Discover the root of what is causing your pain, and release it

Interested in working together?  Sign up for your Complimentary Breakthrough Session to learn more.