Hi! My name is Mindy West. I am a Spiritual Teacher, Reality Shifter, Healer, and Cacao Ceremonialist, just to name a few. I have many passions, but my favorite thing at the moment is is blend Spirituality, Technology and Business together.

I LOVE money! And have since I was a kid (my parents tell me my first word was CASH). I am obsessed with uncovering spiritual tricks to make more money with ease, and share them with my tribe. It’s so much fun!

I’m currently a single mom to an adorable six year old son. Though I won’t be single for long, as I know my Prince Charming is right around the corner! If you know him, feel free to send him my way 😉

My favorite pass time is traveling. Whether it’s a weekend beach trip or months in the Amazon Jungle, I love adventure! There is so much to discover. I am especially curious when it comes to indigenous medicines and cultures. I can geek out for months learning about plant spirit medicines.

Overall, I just want to have fun and enjoy this wonderful life I’ve been given!


In addition to my life experiences, I also have the following formal credentials:

  • University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a focus in Finance, Cum Laude, 2007
  • Sacred Awakening Akashic Records Certification, 2018
  • Shamangelic Breathwork Facilitation – Light Body Clearing and Activation, 2017
  • Infinite Oxygen Life Purpose Reader Certification Course, 2015
  • CorePower Yoga, 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, 2014
  • Red Stone Healing, Reiki I & II, Reiki Master, 2014