Hi! My name is Mindy West. I’m a shamanic healer and master manifestor. I can’t teach you how to turn lead to gold, but I can show you how to turn your dreams into reality.

My introduction to this path started four years ago, while going through a difficult divorce and raising my young son on my own.

This painful part of my life turned out to be my biggest blessing – awakening my spiritual gifts, aligning me with my life purpose, and bringing me to the Amazon Jungle to work with plant medicines.

I now am living my dream life in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Location independent, free, and enjoying a tropical jungle beach nearly at my doorstop. I work completely remote, except when I’m holding transformational retreats and ceremonies around the world.

I teach people to tap into their own energy to create alignment between their dreams, life purpose, and living in the real world. It is not “visualize and it will come,” because that doesn’t work. It’s shifting your energy to be magnetic to your desires, and taking inspired action to get there.

You have the power within you to change everything. To journey to the depths of your soul, uncover your deepest desires, and thrive while you live them. Let me show you how.

In addition to my life experiences, I also have the following formal credentials:

  • University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a focus in Finance, Cum Laude, 2007
  • Sacred Awakening Akashic Records Certification, 2018
  • Shamangelic Breathwork Facilitation – Light Body Clearing and Activation, 2017
  • Infinite Oxygen Life Purpose Reader Certification Course, 2015
  • CorePower Yoga, 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, 2014
  • Red Stone Healing, Reiki I & II, Reiki Master, 2014