Energy Alignment Coaching

I did a session with Mindy a few weeks ago and It was nothing short of amazing. She was able to remove some blockages that I had that were preventing me from being able to manifest anything good In my life. I was very confused with the path I was going to take with business, my bank account was dropping rapidly and my body was in an extreme amount of pain. Alls I can say is that I’m in awe at how things have changed in such a short time. I have doubled my income, i have more opportunities career wise than I know what to do with and my body is feeling awesome again. I was so lost but now everything is so crystal clear! I strongly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Mindy! I am so grateful to have met you!!

~Darren, Toronto, Canada


Mindy is amazing. She created a super supportive environment that allowed me to breakthrough a few blocks and underlying subconscious beliefs and bust through them allowing me to really process, clear and move into a higher vibration. Mindy is truly a gift. So thankful.

~Amanda, McFarland, Michigan


Working with Mindy has been simply amazing! From the initial session for energy clearing and realignment I felt supported and understood, right through to receiving incredible physical strategy and structure that I could easily implement to make my business marketing even more relevant. Mindy has been there to encourage and mentor me and I’ve felt truly guided by her amazing intuitive support. Thanks Mindy!

~Leila, Skegness, England