Full Moon Online Cacao Ceremony

Interested in participating in a Cacao Ceremony, but don’t have any nearby? Ready for insights, healing, and transformation?

Join me for an Online Cacao Ceremony – receive everything you need for your ceremony in the mail, and we meet up on Zoom. It’s going to be amazing!

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Every Cacao Ceremony is different. My ceremonies are focused on receiving healing and insights/clarity about your life and purpose, being shown your next steps, activating your energy to new levels of manifestation, and of course having fun with it all!

The ceremonies include guided meditations, group energy healings and DNA activations to become magnetic to your desires. We also have special guest Elizabeth Glenn Howell, playing the crystal bowls.

The vibration of the crystal bowls + energy activations + cacao = DIVINE!!

Everyone is invited to participate in these lovely Cacao ceremonies.

What is Cacao? What does it feel like?

Cacao is unprocessed chocolate, directly from the cacao tree. It makes you feel calm, concentrated, happy and connected. It opens your heart, allowing for maximum healing and insights. Cacao holds the space for our ceremony, helping you to stay in our sacred energy longer. If you don’t want to drink the cacao, that is fine! You can still join and benefit.

Cacao will not give you hallucinations, it is not a drug, you will not get high. It is simply unprocessed chocolate, used in a sacred way during our ceremony. You can drink it every day – I do!

What’s included?

Before our ceremony, you will receive a “Ceremony in a Box.” This includes your drinking Cacao (just add hot water), as well as a few other goodies to support your ceremony.

We’ll hold the ceremony over Zoom (free online software).

Children are welcome to be with you while you enjoy the ceremony.


December 3, 2017

11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST / 5:00pm England

Limit 35 participants. $79 per ceremony, including shipping.